spontaneous thursday # 1 | judging

even ever you try

you'll never be fly with your own hands

at last , you start to using your brain 

wordless wednesday # 3

p/s:transformers 3

nak tau rahsia tak ?

assalammualaikum ..

act ini satu jemputan dari mayhatiku untuk aq create satu entry berkaitan salah satu
status yang dia sedia bagi dalam posting dia ni . dengan simple reasons

1. Saya Gula-gula Kapas(What you give, you get back.Follow u,follow back.Comment ur entry,comment back)

2. Saya Gula-gula Lolipop(Suka singgah blog, jarang comment, tak kesah follow u or follow back)

jadi aq pilih yang no satu . sebab bagi aq , aq shout sana , kau shout sini , aq follow sana kau follow sini
aq komen sana kau komen sini . pusing pusing situ , jadi tak la bosan sangat blog ni .

tapi sebut pasal komen ni agak jarang sikit la bagi aq . sebab yang biasa aq jumpa update entry pasal cintan .
merepek yang bukan bukan . -,- so aq just pilih entry yang best , tinggalkan jejak  .
tak pun aq just borak dekat shoutmix . it's much more easily .

dan selalunya memang tak dapat apa yang aq da bagi . tapi takde hal kot . its cant be forced .
kalau ada sesiapa yang sudi komen entry aq insyaAllah aq akan singgah blog korang , blogstop , rayau rayau , komen sana sini . BOLEH ?

to Cik Ikha : sebab mudah saya , TAK MEMBOSANKAN :] haha

Why Women Are Forbidden To Marry More Than One Husband In One Time?

In a delightful report about how Imam Abu Hanifa received his name (his original name was Numan bin Thabit bin Zuta bin Mah), an account of why the wife is forbidden to take more than one husband is recounted.
'Abu Hanifa' is an unusual name because it means 'the father of Hanifah', and Hanifah was his daughter. It was not the custom in those days to do this. Normally, the name would be 'the father of the name of a son.' How this came about is quite edifying.
One day Imam Abu Hanifa was asked a question that, for the first time in his illustrious career, he was unable to answer. The question was, "Why were women forbidden to marry more than one husband at a time?"
To make a long story short, Abu Hanifa's daughter said that she knew the answer and would solve this question if her father would make a promise to her that if she succeeded in solving this problem, he would then assure her a place in history. Abu Hanifa agreed.
So she gathered a group of women together and gave each of them a cup. Then she brought in a large bowl of milk and asked each of them to dip their cups in the milk and to fill their cups. They did so. She then asked them to pour back the milk into the bowl. They did this too. She then asked them to re-fill their cups taking back only their own milk that they had poured into the bowl.
This, obviously, was impossible to do. Hanifah had clearly demonstrated the kind of predicament that would be created if a woman had several husbands. With more than one husband, if she were to become pregnant, she would have exceptional difficulties determining who the actual father was? Identifying parentage and lineage would then be insurmountable for the offspring. Imam Abu Hanifa was so pleased with her answer that he took the name 'Abu Hanifa', 'the father of Hanifah', so his daughter did indeed earn a place in history.

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